The Original Dinghy Lift
No cranes. No Towing. No Muscle one Button Up. One Button Down.
               DINGHY LIFTS INC.   The Original "Dinghy Lift" Since 1988
With a push of a button the Dinghy Lifts patented system gently lowers and raises your swim platform,
personal watercraft, or tender into the water.
Advanced technology, precision engineering, and top quality materials combine to ensure
that your Dinghy Lift will bring you pleasure for years to come. The highest quality marine
grade aluminum or 316 stainless steel is used on all of our
Dinghy Lifts, Inc. Furthermore,
all lifts are anodized or electroplated to prevent corrosion and control units are
completely sealed and waterproofed. The lift operates via a 12 or 24 volt DC hydraulic
power unit that can be controlled by remote control. All component parts live up to our
high quality standards. Again, unprecedented convenience, maximum performance, and
sophisticated technology and design...  With out compromise.

Never before has enjoying your personal watercraft been easier. Struggling with
cumbersome weight was once an undeniable part of enjoying your dinghy, personal
watercraft, or even diving. No longer! Dinghy Lift Inc, has developed a patented system
which eliminates the work. With the push of a button your swim platform or watercraft is
gently eased into the water. There is even the option of a wireless remote control. No
longer will you pass on that dinghy trip to a sandy beach because lowering your inflatable
is too much work.


Quality is what truly distinguishes the Original Dinghy Lift as the #1 choice in the industry.
For nearly 23 years, quality of service and manufacturing have earned Dinghy Lifts Inc, its
reputation for excellence. We are always available and eager to help if you have a
question or concern regarding the Dinghy Lift, both before and after your purchase. The
highest quality materials, sophisticated design, proven technology, custom installation,
and superior customer service are integral parts of our commitment to our industry and to
you, our customer. Dinghy Lifts Inc, is now a household name among the who's who in the
marine world. The bottom line is that Dinghy Lifts Inc, is a name you can trust for quality,
dependability, and service.


You're ready to make a journey to an exotic place. Once you're underway there is no
turning back. With the Dinghy Lift's superior manufacturing, you can push full throttle
without looking back, confident that your dinghy or personal watercraft is secure.

© The Original Dinghy Lift Since 1988
Mfg. Under US Patent #6047659 & 7,866,275
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