The Original Dinghy Lift System Design
We take pride in the quality of "DINGHY LIFT". 6061-T6 marine grade
aluminum or 316 Stainless Steel are the materials used. All lifts are
anodized or electroplated to ensure the elimination of corrosion.
The lift system consists of two (2) telescoping lift assemblies, each with an
external hydraulic cylinder. The cylinders are driven by a 12 or 24 volt DC
hydraulic power unit with directional control valves, flow regulator, reservoir, flow
divider, strainers, magnetic particle collectors, solenoid, and remote control
switch. We will accept nothing less than superior component parts so that we
may provide you with nothing less than a superior lift system.
You will find the Original Dinghy Lift through Dinghy Lifts, Inc, your yacht
manufacture, or authorized dealer. Since 1988 we have been manufacturing and
installing thousands of systems to satisfied customers throughout the world. Our
mission is to continue to lead the industry in technology, engineering, design, and
adapt to the changing designs of all pleasure vessels in the world regardless of
size or origin of manufacturing.
             DINGHY LIFTS INC.   The Original "Dinghy Lift" Since 1988
Sun Seeker 55
Today Dinghy Lifts, Inc patented products are recognized as the world's leader
in premier integrated lift systems of the marine industry.
Manufactured Under US Patents           
          #7.866.275 & #6047659
Cradle Assembly Available

      The Original Dinghy Lift Since 1988
Mfg. Under US Patent #6047659 & 7,866,275
44 Ft Sea Ray